Artigiani di Bontà



After the first factory established in 1993, in June 2013 a new cured pork meat factory is inaugurated in Basciano, located in a splendid position on the hills between the sea and the mountains. Inside an area of 5,000 sq. m. , over 20 employees supported by technicians and skilled consultants collaborate with the Di Bernardo family in their daily work. Three new floors have been assigned to sectioning, aging and refining. The perfect temperature of the cellar, the constant and "soft" ventilation and the humidity control of the new plant determine the excellence of the salamis produced. Finally three ample ovens guaranty the production of the "porchetta" as a tribute to one of the best known culinary specialties of the Abruzzo region.
If we add to the structure the quality of the slaughtering, twice a week, and the use of guts, strictly natural, as well as the time factor which guaranty an optimal aging, determining unique aromas, one can understand how tradition can blend with progress, promoting genuine products with authentic flavour.

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