Artigiani di Bontà


Production Chain

The "traceability" of the product and the "compliance to hygiene-health standards", very meticulous in the processing, are the main elements that characterize an agribusiness production chain.
"I Salumieri di Castel Castagna" comply entirely, as witnessed by the company's certifications but what makes it special and perhaps unique in Italy, is the perfect bond between nature and technology. There are over 20,000 pigs housed in the 3 breeding farms high up on the hill. Their feed is made up mainly of barley grown on company land, certified corn, bran and soy. They are all local animals, born and grown in the 15 pigpens of the breeding farms in Castel Castagna, Colledoro and Arsita in the province of Teramo, producing the meat which is then processed in very modern plants. The production of typical salami from Abruzzo and that of pork meat, are the tangible results of controlled and certified processing: from slaughtering to sectioning to aging. "I Salumieri di Castel Castagna" exclusively produce meat which have "the Abruzzo region inside", thanks to a controlled production chain, inspired to excellence and to the absolute guaranty of quality for the consumer.

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