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Porchetta whole

  • Weight 30/50 kg
  • Lenght 130/150 cm
  • Diameter 200/250 mm

The Porchetta abruzzese is a typical specialty very popular on the entire regional territory, though there are light variations depending on exactly where they are produced.
In the area of the province of Teramo, the preparation of this tasty meat dish, besides being a great tradition, it is an art rooted in time, there is information available going as far back as ancient times.
The porchetta is made using an entire deboned adult pork with a live weight of 80-120 kg.
It is evenly covered with the garlic used for cooking it and rosemary and then placed in the oven for 5-7 hours. At the end of the cooking cycle it releases an intense and mouthwatering aroma.
The crispy crust has an important function not only from a flavour point of view: at the beginning it holds in the pork fat which blends in with the spices and salt while seasoning the meat; then, as it gets golden the crust allows the melted fat to drip, regulating to perfection the cooking and the aroma of the porchetta.

Porchetta half

  • Weight 20/25 kg
  • Lenght 100/110 cm
  • Diameter 200/220 mm

Porchetta slice

  • Weight 10/15 kg
  • Lenght 55/60 cm
  • Diameter 180/200 mm



  • Weight 4.5/5.0 kg
  • Lenght 40/50 cm
  • Diameter 150/200 mm

Prepared with rolled bacon, pork loin filet, salt and pepper.
This is a real connosseur's specialty.